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FFS re-encapsulation

FFS re-encapsulation

Application in the synthetic resin industry

Synthetic resin products are generally stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area to avoid direct sunlight; keep away from incompatible fire and heat sources, and avoid direct rainwater.


Advantages of FFS Heavy Packaging Film

FFS heavy packaging film is sealed against moisture and dirt, and the storage and shelf life of outer packaging and inner products can be doubled.
FFS heavy-duty packaging film is resistant to puncture/drop, effectively avoids bag breakage, and is suitable for dozens of stacking, loading and unloading and turnover.


        Good drop resistance        


good waterproof


FFS heavy-duty packaging film has better mechanical properties than traditional packaging bags, providing a whole-process safety guarantee for production and storage.


good slip resistance


The surface of FFS heavy packaging film is embossed, the stacking is stable, and the bag shape is regular, ensuring that the storage and transportation process does not slip.
In terms of cost that enterprises are most concerned about, due to the advanced technology, the use of FFS heavy packaging film can reduce the cost of packaging materials, which is 10% to 50% lower than that of traditional paper bags and composite bags.

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